Maintaining Hardwood Garden Furniture

Maintaining Hardwood Garden Furniture. Seal your teak piece, this helps the stain to adhere to the surface. Pine furniture can look great in.

€60, garden furniture homemade from the old wooden fence
€60, garden furniture homemade from the old wooden fence from

Choose furniture made of wood suitable for outdoor use. How to care for metal garden furniture. Hardwood furniture is durable and requires little maintenance and will, in time, weather to a silver/grey colour.

Light Cleaning Of Wood Outdoor Furniture Is Best Done With A Cloth Moistened With Water Or A Mild Soapy Solution.

Teak is a dense and extremely durable hardwood with a high oil and wax content. You may be happy with the faded effect of your hardwood furniture but they will benefit from a springtime rub down and application of teak or a propriety garden furniture oil. Always follow the instructions on the packet.

Hardwood Furniture Is Durable And Requires Little Maintenance And Will, In Time, Weather To A Silver/Grey Colour.

For maintaining wicker furniture, you need to take it indoors and clean it using mild detergent, soft brushes, and a vacuum cleaner. Most garden furniture needs some care and protection over the winter. First of all, wipe down your garden furniture with one of your cloths.

Regularly Wash Your Outdoor Furniture With Mild Detergent And Water.

My own garden i`ve tried to apply these rules to both furniture and plants. Follow the natural grain of the timber to avoid scratching the surface. By keeping the wood sealed and cleaning it on a regular basis, it will take longer for the wood to age.

As With Other Hardwood Garden Furniture, There Are Some Things You Can Do To Keep It Looking Good For Longer.

Outdoor wood furniture should be cleaned once a year. To maintain your garden furniture, we recommend using teak oil , this helps protect it from water damage and extreme heat. For deeper cleaning at the start and finish of each season or in the instance of tougher stains or mold, you can scrub with a soft brush and a mix of water and dishwasher detergent or oxygen bleach.

Maintaining Garden Seats And Tables.

This way, you can avoid issues resulting from standing water on flat surfaces. To keep its original look, apply teak oil on the day of purchase, ensure this is done before any rain or moisture has made contact with your furniture. How to care for metal garden furniture.